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7 Amazing Resources to Find Gifts for Triathletes

Resources to find Gifts for Triathletes

Finding the perfect gift for a Triathlete or Ironman can be a daunting experience. They seem to be always looking forward to a new gadget and yet it's so hard to find something they don't already have.

As a Triathlete myself, it's been fun to research gift ideas for friends over time and also ask my parents and family to buy specific gifts to me. That's why I'd love to share with you my favorite resources to find amazing gifts for triathletes.

1. Google 


Google doodle 2016Image source: Google Doodle

Honestly, I don't think for most people there really is any need to mention this, but I often find myself having a hard time researching something to then realize that Google can be so useful.

If you can't find good ideas, here are some tips:

  • brainstorm different keywords ("gift for triathletes", "for ironmen", "gift ideas")
  • combine them with some context or other hobbies (such as "mountain", "diy" or "winter")
  • add an adjective ("funny", "ironic"), or object (t-shirt", "book", "gear")
  • don't forget synonyms and related words such as "present" vs "gift" and "triathlete" vs "triathlon" and related sports ("swim", "bike", "run") or events ("ironman finisher", "norseman", "marathon").
  • Finally, use all of the different features of Google's search box such as Google Shopping, Images, etc.

2. Amazon

Amazon is such a gold mine for finding just the right gift. It has everything from books to specialized cycling gear, funny t-shirts and more. The downsides are that it can feel overwhelming and it has lately received a lot of bad rap for "fake reviews" so it can be hard to judge the quality of what you're buying.

3. Etsy

Etsy is an amazing option for customized gifts and handmade goods. You can find anything including t-shirts, customized bracelets, key rings, bags, canvas, prints. A popular idea might be a medal holder or a frame for race bibs. However, do make sure the gift receiver doesn't already own one!

4. Finisher Zone

 Finisher Zone - Triathlon emojis

Finisher Zone is a newer brand that offers both Triathlon tips and a wide selection of Triathlon inspired gifts. The site has no ads so gifts are what keeps it running. If you'll buy from them (us!), you'll be doing good not just to a Triathlete, but to the entire Triathlon community 😇. You'll find casual and funny tees, sweaters phone cases, mugs, and much more.

5. Wiggle

Wiggle is a large online retailer that sells pretty much anything a Triathlete might need for swimming, cycling or running. This is a good option for gear such as a Triathlon watch, sports clothing, etc.

If you run out of ideas (or are not sure what to buy), you can always opt for a gift voucher and let your favorite Triathletes choose themselves!

Wiggle ships worldwide from the UK but you can obviously also look for a local alternative (or better, a local shop!)

6. BuySubscriptions

Have you considered a magazine subscription? If you find them a bit old style, there's a good chance that your favorite Triathlete still loves browsing them - just like many fashion goers love fashion magazines. They are full of tips, inspiring stories, and the latest gear to finish a little faster!

7. Rapha 

Rapha is a luxury cycling apparel brand that became famous for their very active "local clubs" and rides. Besides having a wide range of (expensive) cycling apparel, they also offer cycling holidays in some of the most fascinating cycling locations. In their garments section, give a longer look at the commuting collection if your Triathlete is one that often cycles to work or would like to do so more often.

Is there anything else you'd like to add? Contact us here or or via facebook @finisherzone

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