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You only fail when you Stop Trying

We are starting something new! Just like the quote says, you only fail when you stop trying.

Triathlon Quote: You Only Fail When you Stop Trying

We're launching Finisher Zone!

Originally we wanted to make this a blog. When we started Triathlon, it was hard to find beginner-friendly information about Triathlon. Also, we felt overwhelmed with the number of things you needed to learn and master to be able to participate in endurance sports.

However, time passed and we started thinking.. how do you make yourself heard in the universe of the "interwebs"? With so many magazines, blogs, facebook groups, forums and other sources of suggestions on the internet, how can you talk to people when you don't have an audience?

Also, is this really the best way we can add something to the world of endurance sports? With so many experts and coaches, can we really say something that hasn't been said already? We wanted to make something truly different, something that would add value.

Can you really make money with a Blog?

Can you really sustain a blog nowadays? We're not sure. Long are the times when you could just start writing on the internet, put some ads on it and make a profit. If we wanted to keep doing this in the long term, we needed to find something that could sustain itself.

T-Shirts, really?

At some point along the process, we started designing T-Shirts of our own. We were annoyed at how "Finisher T-Shirts" or gift triathlon t-shirts are really so full of logos and brands that you end up being an advertisement running around.

Don't get this wrong, our first IM Finisher t-shirt and our first Marathon Finisher t-shirts will always be in our hearts. However, over and over we were disappointed by how those weren't t-shirts we would actually like to wear - and many triathletes seemed to agree with us. So we made some designs as a joke, as a gift. We chose blank t-shirts, printed our designs on them and that was it. Also, we started wearing them.

Then something incredible happened.

Our friends loved them and other athletes at Triathlons started asking about these hilarious t-shirts. Everyone was so excited! So we started making t-shirts for them, too. 

So what is this? A blog? A store? Something else?

We aim to be all of that. We are making funny t-shirts you can buy for yourself or gift to your friends and we want to write our stories, our reviews, and our tips.

We want your feedback!

Let us know what you think! By email, through social media, at our next triathlon, or by pigeon post. We will be tremendously grateful. At the end of the day, we are just endurance athletes who want to keep Triathlon fun and get more people to do it.


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