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7 Amazing Resources to Find Gifts for Triathletes

Finding the perfect gift for a Triathlete can be a daunting experience. They seem to be always looking forward to a new gadget and yet it's so hard to find something they don't already have. As a Triathlete myself, it's been fun to research gift ideas for friends over time. That's why I'd love to share with you my favorite resources to find amazing gifts for triathletes.

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How to Find Gear on a Budget for Your First Triathlon

You finally made the big decision and signed up for a Triathlon! Congratulations!And then you've realized just how expensive this sport can be. You don't even own a bicycle! Besides, it isn't just one single discipline, you need to train for three different sports and find the gear for all of them. Is it really that expensive, or is it possible to find gear on a budget?

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How Far Do You Swim in a Triathlon?

"How far do you swim in a triathlon?" This is a common question among wannabe triathletes.  There isn't a single answer since there are so many distances for Triathlons as the swim can very in length from 400 meters (or yards) to 3.8 kilometers (2.3 miles). However, we have grouped some of the most common ones.

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